Airbrush Art Tattoo Kits

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Airbrush art through temporary tattoos are a fun and exciting way to develop temporary tattoos. These tattoos last longer than other short-lived tattoos and give a more realistic planning to them. Unlike henna that needs to be hand painted airbrush art tattoos can be finished in a portion of the time.

Airbrush art sets provide you the essential tools to obtain you began developing your own airbrush art tattoos. These packages are available in a variety of sizes and rate ranges depending on the dealer you are purchasing them from. Some dealers likewise will offer low grade items for a low price making you think you are getting an offer. With low grade products you are not getting an offer at all.

A great starter set originates from Airbrush Bodyart. The set contains everything you need to get you began developing airbrush art tattoos and then some. In their starter set they include 2 single action ABA airbrushes, 2 tubes, 9 glass airbrush bottles, a 2 outlet air manifold, 7 60ml airbrush tattoo ink in red, blue, white, yellow violet, fuchsia and green and the package includes a 120ml of black airbrush tattoo ink. The starter kit likewise offer you 50 Vynalaser stencils that can be reused over and over once again. Airbrush Bodyart’s starter package playings around $293. Individually all the very same products that you get in the package, would run you around $346.

If you want to step your airbrush set up then Airbrush Bodyart uses a professional kit. This set consists of a 4 outlet air manifold, 4 single action ABA airbrushes, 12 glass airbrush bottles, 4 airline, 10 60ml of airbrush art tattoo inks in white, blue, red, yellow, violet, fuchsia, green, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent blue and 1 120ml of black airbrush tattoo ink. Likewise included with this airbrush art tattoo package is 1 120gm holographic glitter pack and 100 Vynalaser stencils that are multiple-use. The package runs around $544 where as individually acquired these items would cost you around $639.

For those of you who have experience in airbrush art tattoos and desire a kit that will allow you to open your very own organisation doing airbrush art tattoos expertly, Airbrush Bodyart has you covered. They use the Airbrush Volume Parlor 2000 set. This kits offers you whatever that you need to open shop and begin developing great professional airbrush art tattoos.
The Airbrush Volume Parlor 2000 package consists of a 4 outlet air manifold, 4 duel action ABA siphon feed package, 4 glass airbrush bottles, airbrush holder, 1 regulator filter wetness trap, 10 60ml airbrush art tattoo ink in white, blue, red, yellow, violet, fuchsia, green, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent blue in addition to 1 500ml of black airbrush tattoo ink. Also included in this package is 1 120gm container of holographic glitter, 300 Vynalaser stencils that are multiple-use and a CD-Rom that provides you Flash displays for your customers. This kit will run you around $994 where as the items acquired individually would run you around $1,242.

As you can see using a set to get you began learning about airbrush art tattoos or to get sufficient product to start your company is cheaper than acquiring individual products. Of course after you have actually begun the it do not cost as much to replace products as you need them separately. But to get them all at once individually can run a lot, so if you are just beginning requiring everything then the sets are you method to go.



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