Care Instructions For Airbrush Art Tattoos

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When doing airbrush art tattoos there are some things that should been done to ensure that the airbrush tattoo ink adheres to the skin and does not fade quickly. When the prep work is done right and the customer understands the care directions they can get numerous days of sensible looking art work on their bodies. With the time and expense of creating excellent reasonable airbrush art tattoos one does not want it to fade within a couple of days.

While an experienced airbrush artist might know this a novice may not, so it deserves discussing. When doing airbrush art on skin ensure you are using airbrush paint that is designed for the skin. Usually this will be sold as airbrush body paint or airbrush short-lived tattoo ink. These are the only types of airbrush paints that are safe to utilize on the human skin.

These paints will have a hard time staying on skin that is oily. A tattoo artist will rub alcohol on an individual’s skin to kill clean and eliminate bacteria prior to starting to begin a tattoo. In this case you are still going to use the alcohol but for airbrush tattoos it is to obtain rid of the oil on the skin and not to sanitize a location for a needle. Once you have gotten rid of the oil from the area the airbrush art tattoo will stick a lot much better. This will provide more life to the tattoo.

Now that you are prepared to start airbrushing the tattoo on, you need to take your time and be careful of what you are doing. There are no rooms for mistakes with airbrushing on a person’s skin. So take your time to ensure you do not slip up on a person’s body with the airbrush paint. While knowledgeable artists understand this, once again a beginner may not. So it was worth pointing out too.

After the airbrush art tattoo is entirely dry then you need to use talc powder. The talc powder will assist to soak up extra oily guaranteeing more life for the tattoo. An airbrushed tattoo needs to last for 7 days. A person with oily skin will just get around a number of days from their tattoo. There fore you must tell your customers who have oily skin that they have to use talc powder themselves a number of times a day to assist get the most from their tattoo. An individual with dry skin will get more than 7 days typically from the tattoo. It does not matter though if they have dry or oily skin you must use talc powder as soon as the airbrush art tattoo dries.

Airbrush tattoos do cost money and clients are not going to spend that cash if their tattoo does not last for a minimum of near what is anticipated. So make certain that you take all the prep and post actions to make sure that they do get a great practical looking tattoo. Produce a care sheet for your customers so that they will understand the best ways to take care of their brand-new tattoo.



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