Complete Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Set – 23 Color 300 Stencil Kit Big SALE

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Title : Complete Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Set – 23 Color 300 Stencil Kit
Description : This temporary tattoo kit from PointZero Airbrush contains everything needed for the serious professional. The package features a PointZero Elite-275XP air compressor and seven airbrushes. The Elite-275XP is our most powerful twin-cylinder, tankless airbrush compressor delivering impressive power (1/3 hp) with low noise (59 db). Sensitive, diaphragm regulator with integrated pressure gauge and water-trap allows precise control and delivery of clean, dry air. One gallon air-tank stores the air pressurized by the motor, reducing the number of run cycles, and smoothing the output; eliminating pressure pulsations. The PZ-270 is a premium, dual-action (trigger independently controls release of both air & fluid; pressing trigger releases air, pulling back releases material), internal-mix airbrush. Tight-tolerance head provides razor-sharp detail. Needle backstop at the rear of the airbrush allows you to pre-set the trigger travel; helping produce consistent line widths. Pre-installed 0.2mm for a spray pattern between hairline and 1″. Gravity-feed 2cc color cup. The PZ-1200XS set contains six color-coded PZ-258 internal-mix airbrushes in a protective, molded carrying case. These premium dual-action airbrushes feature tight-tolerance heads for razor-sharp detail. Initial-flow controls settings. Cutaway handles for easy cleaning and quick access to the needle chucks. Pre-installed 0.35mm nozzles for spray patterns between thin-line and 1.5″. Also included are 3 books each containing twenty-five 8.25″ x 11.25″ pages, each with 4 designs, for a total of 300 assorted patterns. The 23 bottles (15 premium colors, 8 pearl colors) of airbrush paint are water-resistant, non-toxic and ready-to-use right out of the bottle and safe for use on the skin (not for use near eyes or face). A tabletop airbrush stand with integrated six-way splitting manifold, eight 10′ braided air hoses, barbed hose connector, paint pipette, 4 nozzle wrenches and instruction sheet complete the package.

Complete Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Set - 23 Color 300 Stencil Kit
List Price : $424.88
Price : $424.88

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: PointZero Airbrush
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Rating : 3.0
Rating : 1
Review : ok I guess
I ordered this package containing all this described articles, pretty much got what i was expecting, just one little thing, the compressor gets really hot when working with it and it does not have a internal fan to kewl it,
you might have to get an external little fan, also the inks are not that good as it is supposed to be a temporal tattoo, it will fall of the skin in 6 hours even less if swimming, over all a pretty good and none expensive combo.

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