Iwata ECL4500 Airbrush Kit with Tank Compressor On Sale

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Title : Iwata ECL4500 Airbrush Kit with Tank Compressor
Description : This multi-purpose, high-paint-flow, high-detail Eclipse Series airbrush covers a wide range of uses. Commonly used to spray premixed or heavier paints, it is well suited for uses demanding precise control of spray when applying moderate-to-large amounts of paint to a variety of surfaces and to various-sized areas. This Eclipse Series brush has established a new benchmark for excellence in an all-purpose airbrush.
Features :

  • Gravity-feed airbrush features a unique 0.35-mm needle and nozzle combination
  • Generous 1/3 oz. sized cup is designed with a new funnel shape
  • With unique automatic on/off shutoff switch, it only operates when you are airbrushing.
  • “Air-On-Demand” feature allows the compressor to operate much cooler and avoid overheating problems
  • The new TC 20T delivers more air volume (CFM) and pressure (PSI) than any airbrush demands

Iwata ECL4500 Airbrush Kit with Tank Compressor
List Price : $239.96
Price : $239.96

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: Iwata
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