Tickled Pink Airbrush Deluxe Cosmetic and Tanning Kit Get Rabate

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Title : Tickled Pink Airbrush Deluxe Cosmetic and Tanning Kit
ASIN : B009L92WT8
Description : You get both our cosmetic airbrush gun, 3 shades of sample foundation, sample of moisturizer, plus our Tanning airbrush gun and 4 oz. of Tickled Pink Airbrush Tanning solution. Choose your foundation package: Light, Medium or Dark. Includes compressor, hose, power supply Tickled Pink Tanning Airbrush with 2 cups, 20cc (.68 FL oz.) and 40 cc (1.35 FL oz.). Kit also comes with 4 oz. of Tickled Pink Airbrush Tanning solution. 10.25% DHA -Provides “sun kissed tan” Featuring organic dha and natural melanin. Both our Cosmetic Airbrush Gun and our Tanning Airbrush Gun are of professional quality, all metal construction, gravity feed, single action airbrush specifically designed for applying makeup for cosmetic gun and tanning solution for tanning gun in your own home. It is simple and easy to use. Our compressor is perfect for the home user. It is an on-demand compressor with no air tanks. It was designed with the woman in mind with an ultra-feminine look with a hot pink stripe and is very quiet. Just turn it on and you’re ready to go instantly. Our compressor provides steady output, and has 3 adjustable air pressures that you can select from low, medium and high. It is powerful but lightweight for easy portability. Our airbrush systems are built to last for years. One year manufacturer’s warranty on hardware. Organic Content: 89%Our Aloe based liquid airbrush foundations are truly unique. We have created an amazing, one of a kind liquid airbrush makeup, that is not only high in antioxidants, but is also packed with ingredients that are shown to do wonderful things for the skin.
Features :

  • Cosmetic kit and Tanning Kit
  • Includes Cosmetic airbrush gun and tanning airbrush gun
  • Includes Tickled Pink Airbrush Aloe based foundation
  • Includes Tickled Pink Airbrush Tanning Solution
  • 12 month warranty

Tickled Pink Airbrush Deluxe Cosmetic and Tanning Kit
List Price : $399.95
Price : $219.95
Saved Price : $180.00

Category: Foundation
Brand: Tickled Pink Airbrush
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.4
Rating : 90
Review : SO worth the money!!! LOVE!!!
I love my new airbrush unit! It’s SO easy to use and super cute! I’m very happy.I don’t usually write many reviews but Tickled Pink products receive a whopping 5 stars from me!

I’ve been having my makeup professionally done on and off for over ten years and now I can successfully achieve the same look independently. As a travelling musician, it’s important for me to be able to look fabulous under hot stage lights and also look natural when greeting fans and selling merchandise. I am beyond happy with my purchase from Tickled Pink!

Airbrush Unit: I’ve been using my airbrush compressor & gun for about a year now and would be lost without it. I love how compact the unit is for starters. When travelling I don’t want to lug around some huge unit around. Another benefit is that the compressor is quiet. I’ve shown my unit to makeup artists and been complimented on it many times. My local makeup artist purchased one for her own travels.

Makeup: I love being…

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