GlamAire ™ Silver Jet Beauty Air Brush Makeup System SALE

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Title : GlamAire ™ Silver Jet Beauty Air Brush Makeup System
Description : The 20052 system includes the more advanced Iwata Hi-Line, micro adjustable Airbrush with a .3mm orifice size. This brush will allow you to dial down the pressure at the brush to almost nil if you so desire. Next is the Iwata Silver Jet Compressor with its sleek silver design, quiet operation and small profile, this air source is truly fine. The hose on the Silver Jet includes an in-line moisture trap that attaches at the base of the Airbrush and works beautifully to keep your air stream clean and dry. Finally is an 8 oz. bottle of Graftobian Cleansing fluid and a 2 oz. spray dispenser bottle for that fluid. All in all this is a sharp little pair of systems, priced at a savings of more than $175.00 over buying the items individually.
Features :

  • This is the ideal system for the busy make-up artist who wants to conserve on space yet have a really cool and professional look to his/her cosmetics presentation.
  • Make-up artists like Brad Look on the West Coast and Suzanne Patterson on the East Coast highly recommend this equipment and this GlamAire(tm) Airbrush Makeup. You simply can’t go wrong with endorsements like that!
  • Our Silver Jet Systems include 12 colors of Graftobian GlamAire(tm) water based Airbrush Make-up, ideal for the visual rigors of today’s High Definition and Digital Filming.
  • You may take the 12 colors we have pre-selected, or you may choose your own from the list at [Airbrush Glamour Makeup].

GlamAire (tm) Silver Jet Beauty Air Brush Makeup System
List Price : $469.99
Price : $469.99

Category: Sets & Kits
Brand: Graftobian
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